Is www.easycashloan.in only meant for a particular community and why is it named on a particular name of the community?

There is no limitation, discrimination or restriction for any community on this site nor is the name used to demean anyone sect. Its just to signify the quickness, work ethics, flexibility and quality that the community stands for.

What are unsecured loans thru www.easycashloan.in?
Unsecured loans mean financial aid provided by financers, lenders, investors, banks or its agents registered with us at www.easycashloan.in for individuals to meet their requirements.No moveable/immoveable assets are required to be placed as collateral for availing unsecured loans.

Who can register in www.easycashloan.in ?
Anyone searching for unsecured financial loan or want to give unsecured loan can register for unsecured loans with www.easycashloan.in. No discrimination of caste, creed or religion is done for any activity on this site. There is no obligation to place any valuable property as collateral security.You can be a student, housewife,builder,businessman,employed or unempolyed.

How much amount can be borrowed at one go?
Since every borrowers needs are different at different times,we have kept it really flexible.It can be as low as INR 10,000 and as high as INR 100 crore.All you have to do is to list your requirement and one of our registered lenders may contact subject to your profile matching his requirement.Alternatively borrower can search active lenders form the search module after activation of their profile.

What is the repayment term for cheap unsecured loans?
Again its something which you have to mutually decide to suit your needs and acceptable to the proposed financer/s in the best possible way. It can be a week or it can be 30 years!

Is there any set mechanism for repayment of unsecured loans?
It depends upon mutual negotiations with the proposed financers,there in no restrictions from our side. You are absolutely free to ask proposed/matching financers for schedule repayment terms in your desired way.

Do I have to list down a specific purpose to apply for a loan?
Its certainly preferable to list down a purpose but its not mandatory. We understand that there are times when you would not want your finances to be disclosed in a public domain still it makes sense to have it discussed and mentioned in some form or the other to make things clearer and get better response from the proposed/matching financer/s

Being insolvent/CYBIL name,can I register in www.easycashloan.in?
www.easycashloan.in does not guarantee loans to any profile of people.Its a listing, matching and searching platform between borrowers and lenders.It solely depends upon the descretion of the lender, financier, investor, banks to decide upon the borrowers profile and elegibility or visa versa.one can register and activate his/her profile on our site.We do not differentiate between good or bad borrowers,it is for the lenders to decide whether they wants to do business with your profile or not.Any sort of bad credit like arrears, CCJs (county court judgments), insolvency and bankruptcy may not be an impediment in availing financial aid from financers.

How much fee do you charge for providing loans?
First of all,we do not provide loans,we only make your profile visible to financers on payment of activation fees.You have to pay a onetime activation fees of INR 1000 (+GST 18%) to activate your profile in www.easycashloan.in Once paid, your profile will be visible to financers across the world and vica versa,who in turn may call you to finalize terms and conditions.You can also search and contact the active profiles of financers from the search module available after activation. Please note that the payment of activation fees is not a guarantee of getting loan or call from financers,it will solely depend upon discretion of financers to call/call later/not call. www.easycashloan.in will not be liable for any loss/damage happening due to non receiving of loan. Please note that on payment of activation fees the membership is free for lifetime, the borrower can keep contacting new financiers as an when they list their profile until the borrowers objective is achieved.The activation fees is not refundable or transferrable.Financers/lenders also note that searching and finding of suitable borrower for you is your business, not ours. We only activate the search module for a profile on receiving the activation fees.

How can I pay the activation fees ?
You can pay the activation fees online by the online payment link available after registration on your profile. The payment can be done by credit card/ debit card or online banking module. The OFFLINE facility is also available in the below mentioned YES bank account. 

I want to pay Activation fees directly into your bank account as I am not comfortable with online payment, please give your account details and process to notify?

Yes you can pay directly into our bank account by way of Cash, cheque, Payorder or account transfer having following details :-                 

Please scan and send the acknowledgement reciept of acknowledgement of payment to loanforindia@gmail.com  . Kindly send your name and Registration No. alongwith. Please note that your account will be activated on realization of the amount. 

I am a financier/money manager and I am looking to earn higher interest than the bank, what should I do?

Please register as financier in the website. Note that there is no activation fees for the financiers or lenders. Also note that obtaining all legal permissions and statutory requirements will be the responsibility of the financiers and lenders. The company will not be held responsible for any ommission, neglect or illegal transaction whatsoever.

What do I do After my requirement is met?
Kindly delete your profile after availing the loan. Please do not share contact details of financers/borrowers/agents/banks/investors with any one.Please do not share your user id and password with anyone.

You only provide contact details and not provide loans, then what is the use of paying activation fees? 

Yes, we only provide you contact details of money lenders/ financiers along with other details such as Name, address, budget, rate of interest, time horizon, etc. Further it is between you and lenders whether to deal with each other or not after talking to each other. The activation fees is to cover the website running cost. We do not charge anything to Financiers and money lenders. Registration and Activation of Money lenders is free.

 What is your Rate of Interest?

first of all we don’t charge Rate of interest. It depends on financier to financier. You can discuss and negotiate with the financiers directly. The expected rate of interest is also mentioned in the forms filled by the financiers along with other details of theirs.All such details are available to you on activation of your Id.

 What documents will be required for getting the loan?

Our website is a PEER to PEER private lender and borrower matching platform on which registered users can activate their profile, search for each other, negotiate with each other and deal with each other if the requirements match. It is purely mutual between the two active users. We do not play any role in these discussions. Also the documents required will differ from financier to financier and can be discussed with them over the phone.

 If my CYBIL score is less or bad can I get a loan?

The website is about private lending an financing in which the money lenders and financiers are looking for a slightly higher rate of interest compared to banks and other financial institutions. The lenders may take a call depending on the nature of requirement, personal comfort, client back ground, nature of past default, intent and other such parameters.

 If my monthly income is less will I get a loan?

Cant commit about it. Need to talk to various financiers directly. If a single financier is not ready to finance the full amount, then multiple financiers may be approached to fulfil the requirement.

 Since you are running the website you should know the rate of interest, what is the rate of interest?

Regularly new new financiers gets added to our website to offer unsecured hand loans, so do the ones whose requirements get fulfilled and budget get exhausted they delete their profile from the portal. Hence it is very difficult to generalize the rate of interest number. It will also depend on the actual financier who will fund you. It will also depend on your profile and other terms.

 Since financiers on your portal are from all over India how do we know that whether there are any from our city or location?

Every day new financiers are joining the portal and our aim is to get on board unsecured money lenders and financiers from all cities in the country including your city. We cannot commit any thing at the moment. Also the activation fees is a life time membership fees, you can contact all financiers on portal and also the ones joining us in future till your requirement is fulfilled.

We are continuously running online campaigns on social media, emails, sms, etc to enroll maximum financiers and money lenders who are wanting to offer unsecured hand loans I.e. loans without any mortgage or security.

 What is the guarantee that we will get a loan after we pay the activation fees?

We are purely a Peer to Peer matching portal in which Borrowers and lenders register themselves and then search and talk to each other after activation of profile. We do not guarantee any loans whatsoever for any one. It depends on borrowers and lenders to decide about obtaining and offering loans depending on their mutual liking,requirement and conviction. We do not recommend or justify any borrower or lender. We have made available a platform on which one is expected to deal ethically on it.

In case if we do not get the loan after payment of activation activation fees, will you refund us the activation fees that we paid to you?

Activation fees is a one time cost to be paid for lifetime membership on the portal. You may get it on the same day or same week or month or year or not yet. In case you do not get desired result just now you may come back to the website in some time and again check for now financiers then suiting your requirement. We do not guarantee the time line or give any confirmation regarding obtaining loan. The Activation fees is not refundable for any reason or circumstances whatsoever.

 I am a housewife / unemployed/ jobless person, will I get a loan from the financiers?

It will depend on financier to Financier. It will also depend on how and what plan you have for repayment of loan. It will also depend on your justification of need to the financiers.

 You give personal loan or business loan?

We do not give loans, its the financiers registered and activated on the portal that may give loans. It depends on the financiers and your requirement whether you/they want to take/give personal loan or business loan. Ours is a website which is a platform to give/take unsecured loans I.e. loans without any mortgage or security.

 How many days will it take to get a loan after paying the activation fees?

This question can be answered by the financier who chooses to give you the loan. You may accept, negotiate or reject their timeline depending on your requirement.

If the financier listed on your portal demands some amount to process the loan, should we pay to them?

First of all you are not suppose to pay any amount to any financiers what so ever. You should report the same to us immediately. If you pay any amount to them we would not be responsible.

 If I do not have any documents or less documents will I get a loan?

The website is about private financing. Hence there are no such norms laid down for documents,etc. Basic KYC documents may also suffice. But it would solely depend on the financiers to take a view and may or may not lend depending on personal opinion.

 I have paid the activation fees, all Financiers listed on your portal are either not taking calls or are saying wrong number, what to do?

Financier registration and activation is free, hence we verify on telephone about their intent. After satisfaction about their profile then only we activate and add their profile on regular basis. After being sure and certain about their details that we give visibility to them. First of all it is impossible that all of them will be false. Sometime someone may be busy with something hence may not be in a situation to take calls or due to any technical reason may not be connected. The activation fees that you have paid is for lifetime. You could again check is some time to find new financiers and contact them. Certain financiers also forget to delete their profile after their objective is reached hence become uninterested further.

 What will be the terms and conditions of financiers to give the loan?

It will depend on financier to financier and will vary. You can negotiate directly with them depending on your need and urgency you can work out a win win contract.

I want to become your agent/sub agent/DSA, what is the process?

We do not have a system of appointing any agents,etc any where. The entire process is online and available to one all. We do not give or take any commissions to any one. Please stay away from any one claiming to be our authorised agent.

Do you have office in our city/state?

No we do not have any branches any where.


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