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is just a name and does not mean and restrict only a particular caste, creed, religion, etc to access this site. Also the name does not mean or intend to demean/glorify/insult any particular group of people whatsoever.   

www.easycashloan.in requests the borrowers and the lenders to check and follow all the rules, regulations and laws of their country before accepting or giving financial aid. www.easycashloan.in will not be held responsible for any financial or other transactions between the borrower and the lender.
www.easycashloan.in/disclaimer will not stand guarantee for return of any amounts given or taken from any parties through our site. User discretion advised.

does not guarantee loans to any profile of people. Its just a matching and searching platform between borrowers and lenders. It solely depends upon the discretion of the lender to decide upon the borrowers profile and eligibility. One can register and activate his/her profile on our site. We do not differentiate between good or bad borrowers, it is for the lender to decide whether he/she/they/it wants to do business with your profile or not. Any sort of bad credit like arrears, CCJs (county court judgments), insolvency and bankruptcy may not be an impediment in availing financial aid from finances.

You have to pay a onetime activation fees of INR 0 to activate your profile in www.easycashloan.in Once paid, you will be able to search financiers/institutions/agents and your profile will be visible to financier across the world, who in turn may call you to finalize terms and conditions. Please note that the payment of activation fees is not a guarantee of getting loan, it will solely depend upon discretion of financier. www.easycashloan.in will not be liable for any loss/damage happening due to non receiving of loan/phone calls from the financiers. The activation fees is not refundable or transferable. Please note that activation of Financiers, investors, lenders, banks and its agents is free.

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